I grew up in Ireland in a home of creativity, with a mother who is an artist and a father who wrote nearly every day - this environment shaped me the most in life. My mother was also pretty much obsessed with taking good photos of us. That's coincidentally how I have such a great collection of antique cameras.

When my older sister was packed off to Hong Kong for a summer, my mother capitalized on the cheaper camera prices there and was able to invest in the camera of her dreams (which came home with said sister). Until that camera fell apart, it was a constant companion on any vacation or family event.

Well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in my family. "Obsessed" is a pretty accurate description for my love affair with photography.

It's hard for me to categorize my work. I love lifestyle photography, but just as much as I like that genre, I adore dreaming up stories for my children to enjoy. I also like the challenge of iphone photography and share those photos on instagram @pricelessphotosbymelissa. So join me as I share the fruits of my passion, blog about our life, and capture my storytelling concepts with my two daughters' help.

Melissa Price