The Different Ways to Approach Strawberry Picking

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yesterday I brought my girls strawberry picking and smiled as I watched their different approaches to the task at hand.
My eldest ran around trying to pick every ripe strawberry at the farm, running back in intervals to check if her bucket was fuller than her sister’s. My youngest, however was content to pick a few and eat them all before starting to pick again.
It reminded me of my first summer job many years ago in Ireland. I so wanted to pick more than the other kids around me and remember my nervous pride when I placed the full trays on the scales, but just like my youngest, I can still remember sneaking a few of those sweet, sweet fruit.

She found the largest strawberry

Taking a break

Singing while you pick

Those irresistible fruit

One filthy dirty little girl
Heading to the scales

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