Wednesday, October 1, 2014

One thing I miss about not living in Ireland is the seasons. I’m grateful for the forever summer here, but I’ll jump on any cooler temperatures or seasonal imagery I can find. Pumpkin patches aren’t something I would have grown up with, but harvest was always a favorite time of year in my house and my father’s favorite religious festival. Coincidentally, I got married in my family church the week of Harvest in Ireland meaning that every square foot of the church was decorated beautifully.

Last weekend we headed to Bedner's farm (Delray Beach) to stake our claim on some tiny pumpkins the girls selected and get some photos. It was probably the hottest day of September, but the girls enjoyed stacking pumpkins, stomping down fields, and seeing the fruits of a farm’s labor.

I haven’t quite adopted the spice or pumpkin latte habit yet, but the celebration of Harvest lives on in our family on this continent.

These were just too big

Her favorite

A little one for the littleist

Baby doll who came with us helped pick the final selection

The busy job of stacking pumpkins - I think they initially thought we were buying all of them

Stacking and stomping

Before we started our epic search for the best pumpkins

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