Purchasing a new lens? Consider renting

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Occasionally I am asked for advice on cameras and lens, however since I use Canon and have no user experience with other brands, my advice is somewhat limited.

Have you ever purchased a car without a test drive?
When my needs changed and I realized my kit lens and DSLR camera wasn't cutting it anymore, I started to rent.  Its not a new concept, but not that many people know its even possible. Now when I know I am going to make a significant investment in a new camera or lens, I try to rent the item twice before I make a purchase. It has saved me costly mistakes: I have rented 4 lens and only bought two, I have rented two camera's and only purchased one.

Renting a lens also allows you a little time to wait for rebates. If you need a different lens for a special event or a short vacation and are not in a terrible rush, rent instead. That extra time and some website watching will save you money. At certain times of the year the larger brands will offer some very nice rebates and sometimes the big stores offer additional discounts at the same time. So do a quick search and boomark a rebate blog.

I am not into collecting extra lens that will collect dust, and my renting has saved me from buying the "paparazzi" lens that was too heavy for me and the prime lens that I just did not love enough. Unless you want to display unused lens in your house, I recommend a test drive.

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