South Carolina

Sunday, November 30, 2014

It was luck when I found amazing rates on flights to South Carolina for Thanksgiving a few months ago, and so we headed up for some cooler outdoor experiences with friends who live on a lake.

Highlights of the visit included four little girls bonding again, a Golden Retriever puppy called Max who liked to give wet licks, an amazing menu, a trip to a legal Moonshine Distillery (for the adults), shaded train tracks for an impromptu photo, beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the lake, and cooler-than-we-are-used-to weather. Can't wait to return!

Sunrise, watching the fishermen and steam rising off the lake
Warm Jammies
She mistook the frost on this leaf for snow, can you tell they live in Florida?
The food was divine
Tire Swings
Moonshine Tasting
Butterflies playing with puppies

Halfway through the walk, Max went for a swim.
 Look at how she looks at him!
The epic walk back...puppys make you walk for miles.
I made us stop by the train tracks - the light was perfect and I needed a visual memory of how we rocked the mismatched clothing mandate.


  1. Gorgeous memories Melissa! These are art! I want a puppy!

  2. Hear y'all are fixin to come back

    1. I didn't get enough Moonshine, that's the only reason for the return...oh and the food, and the company...and the puppy..and the views.