My 365 Journey - A Look Back

Sunday, December 7, 2014

It wasn't until I started my 365 photo project last year, that I was really able to see my own development as a photographer in a tangible way. Sharing this project online in a real time manner also started me on the road to blogging.
I look back at those photos on my facebook page, and remember every single day of that year. Some photos I love more than others - images of my children, candid moments, little rituals, and activities in our own back yard. I share my favorite selections with you here, nearly a year after I completed it.
Stay tuned for a Christmas post next week.

I love to capture them playing, and this moment with neighbors was one of my very first 365 photos.
It was one of those really hot summer days - we needed to cool off
Walking after the rain to the mailbox we ran into friends who were also wearing colorful wellies. I had to take this photo!
The youngest wanted to wade around the pool like her sister, but could not reach the bottom, so big sister scooped her up and carried her around.
Books had been read, prayers said and the bedroom light had been turned off, the littlest though still had her flashlight in hand and I had no photo of the day yet. Another chance to practice low light photography.

The sidewalk near our neighbors house has these beautiful flowers my youngest is always trying to pick. On this day after a rainshower, she found a flower petal treasure on the ground.
This cat arrived at our doorstep hungry and did not leave for a few days. We took it in and rang the number on his tag and he was picked up eventually. This is when he discovered the tadpoles we had collected.
We love washing the car, and sometimes we get creative with our buckets. This is our version of a Priceless car wash.
I bought some new brushes for the shower - they wanted to be cleaners, so I let them at it.
An early morning walk on the beach was graced with seafoam. I can't work out if its beautiful or disgusting.
She pulled a princess dress from the antique luggage I use for storage of dress-up clothes, and decided she wanted to watch birds.
This was one of the first times we brought them to horse racing. Dad and eldest were trying to focus on whether their horse won, youngest was just excited about the finish line.
She has wanted to crimp her hair like her cousin. Her hair looked so fabulous I grabbed a fan and tilted it up towards her to add movement. She has the hair I always wanted growing up.

 We went to a pumpkin patch early and beat the crowds. She didn't want to wear her wellie boots anymore and pulled them off and proceeded to stamp in the straw. I sent this to my local paper (Ireland) who featured it in their photo competition.
They both asked to be Annie for Halloween.
We packed an evening picnic to enjoy a hilly park with lovely views. As the sun set the girls started to dance with Dad.
This photo hangs on my wall - I love it so much. She had her school photos taken around this time and she wanted to show me her "school photo pose". The photo I took before this she sits beautifully with her hands on her lap as she did for her school photo. Then she laid down in the grass to look at the sky...and I got this.


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