The run up to Christmas

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We put up the outside lights and brought the Christmas tree three days after Thanksgiving, and so far the season has continued with reindeers galore, Christmas card mailings, kittens in Christmas trees, cats in collars, and gingerbread house making. I give you our run-up to Christmas!
I am especially looking forward to "un-plugging" from work, and taking some more photos. Seasons Greetings from us!

Two Reindeer - My eldest with Jabez at J's Landing, a barn that has therapy animals and is a great location for photo shoots!

An outtake from our Christmas card, this one didn't make the cut

Probably my favorite from my Christmas card shoot, but I didn't use it in our Christmas card (not sure why now!). Will just have to hang it in my house instead.
Introducing a new ornament concept called "Kitten in a tree". This is Boo a stray kitten that I caught around Halloween. He has been socialized at J's Landing by Sharon Chatlos and goes to his forever home at Christmas.

This silly Christmas bell collar lasted all of 2 mins on our cat.

When you decorate a gingerbread house, be sure to wear cowboy boots.

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